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Item number: KH-650MAH-E
KM-650MAH-E Crescent Ice Maker, Modular

This Hoshizaki KM-650MAH-E is a modular Crescent Edge ice maker producing up to 333 kg of high-quality Crescent Edge Ice per 24 hours, meeting even the strictest hygiene requirements and suitable for all operational requirements and kitchen measurements.
The KM Edge range has an enlarged, bonded evaporator surface. Accelerating harvest cycles, the technology behind the KM Edge range will help you to increase your serving capacity instantly. More ice in less amount of time.

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    The KM-650MAH-E uses refrigerant R404A.  
    Unique Technology
    The double-sided evaporator in all KM machines is made of stainless steel - the best material for improved longevity, food safety, and cleaning without damaging to the machine. The external material is made of . Thanks to its rounded, yet edgy form, the Hoshizaki Crescent Ice will not cluster inside the ice chest. That is why it is considered the perfect ice shape for bottle coolers, allowing you to place bottles inside the ice effortlessly. The ice can be used for chilling drinks, fresh produce display, and bottle cooling as well as cooking.  
    Always focusing on operating convenience and food safety, the air filters are easily accessible from the front for routine cleaning. With intake and outflow positioned at the front, the KM is ideal for built-in installation opportunities. "
    Smart Design
    Like all Hoshizaki ice makers, the KM-650MAH-E is designed to last and comes with smart design extras such as the double-sided, stainless steel evaporator, unique in the industry, produces more ice per cycle with lower energy consumption and resistance to descaling acids.  
    Need to amp up your production capacity? The variable setups with modular bins and bases allow the user to mix and match depending on individual requirements and conditions. The dimensions of the KM-650MAH-E are 560 x 695 x 950 mm.
    The smart plug-and-play design guarantees an easy and quick set-up.
    Product series


    Model name


    Item numberKH-650MAH-E
    Product title

    Crescent Ice Maker, Modular



    Production Capacity (kg/24h) approx. (AT 10°C, WT 10°C)


    Power supply

    1/220 - 240V/50Hz

    Electric Consumption (kW)


    Dimensions W x D x H (mm), legs excluded

    560 x 695 x 950

    Ice type

    Crescent Edge



    CO2 equivalent (kg)


    Cooling System

    Air Cooled

    Product configuration


    Net weight (kg)


    Gross Weight Packed (kg)


    Spec sheet


    Instruction manual


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