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28 June 2022| News
Supply chain issues

Dear valued customers and partners, I would like to thank you for the continued support and trust in Hoshizaki / Gram brand products. We understand the reaction we have received from all markets about not being able to support your requests for availability / deliveries and therefore appreciate your understanding and your patience. As a...

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24 June 2022| News
The importance of refrigeration during this year’s World Refrigeration Day.

How many of us are actively aware on a daily basis of the importance of refrigeration? From the frozen fruit, we use in the smoothies of our early morning customers, to the leftover sauces and marinades we only need the next day. Having the luxury to be able to store these products safely is often...

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10 June 2022| News
This restaurant chain in Barcelona chooses to use Hoshizaki equipment in their kitchen. Here’s why!

In 1974 the very first El Pibe restaurant opened its doors in Barcelona. They started with a simple menu of seven different types of sandwiches made with different types of sausages such as Frankfurts, Bratwurst, and Cervetas. These were paired with their delicious homemade sauces and could be enjoyed with a craft beer. Back in...

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10 May 2022| News
Making sure your sushi ingredients stay fresh and flavoursome, here is how:

Sushi is one of the most prestigious food items in the world. In most cases it takes many years of training to become a skilled sushi chef. With the aim of creating the best tasting and best presented small dishes. So it is a given that the equipment that these chefs and restaurants use needs...

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20 April 2022| News
Hoshizaki makes donation for Ukraine to Red Cross Poland and Peace Winds Japan

As a reaction to the current conflict in Ukraine, and the resulting humanitarian crisis, affecting 4.2 Mio Ukrainians, Hoshizaki, as a group will make a donation to Red Cross Poland and Peace Winds Japan. 2.4 million Ukrainians have been displaced to Poland and other neighboring countries, where the Red Cross is providing food and shelter...

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12 April 2022| News
Nothing beats a great ice maker, here is why

The everyday hustle in a food business can be demanding, that’s why it’s important to have equipment that can keep up with the work. The last thing your barman needs is to run out of ice during a busy day in the restaurant. Having an ice maker that can keep up with the demand of...

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11 April 2022| News
This is why the BEERMATIC will help you tap the perfect beer!

Honestly, if you must possess one quality as a bartender, it is multitasking. Taking orders, preparing cocktails, drinks, processing payments, the list goes on. And that preferably all at once. When the bar gets hectic, as we know it does; keeping up with all the drinks and beers can be demanding . In fact, about...

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05 April 2022| News
Hoshizaki boosts its spare parts supply chain with new distribution center

Hoshizaki Europe announced today the opening of its new spare part distribution center for the European markets The new distribution center for spare parts orders throughout Europe is an integral element of Hoshizaki's strategy to further advance the company’s customer service by building synergies, streamlining supply chain operations, and partnering with experienced partners to fulfill...

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21 January 2022| News
HOSHIZAKI acquires Brema, Italian Commercial Ice Maker Manufacturer

Hoshizaki Corporation announces that Hoshizaki has decided to acquire all shares of Brema Group S.p.A. (hereafter referred to as Brema), an Italian manufacturer of commercial ice makers, through Hoshizaki Europe Holdings B.V., a subsidiary wholly owned by Hoshizaki. With the addition of Brema to our group, we aim to become the No. 1  commercial ice...

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29 October 2021| News
Japanese Hospitality – Omotenashi

The essence of hospitality is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and mentality. A word has evolved in Japanese usage that does not exist in any other language. It describes the Japanese approach to hospitality in a wonderfully accurate way.  Omotenashi. O-mo-te-na-shi. But what is "Japanese Hospitality" and how is it different from our western understanding...

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27 October 2021| News
Cocktails in Movies: The Great Gatsby

Cocktails rightly take pride of place in many movies and can become as iconic as the characters themselves. With our "Cocktail in Movies" blog series, we are taking a close look at our favourite movie-featured cocktails, and confirm, what we all already knew. Cocktails are more than just liquids mixed together, but a culinary art...

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21 October 2021| News
Learn from a Bartending Pro

Bartender and Co-Owner, Jenner Cormier of Bar Kismet, shares his award-winning bartending techniques and cocktail recipes using Hoshizaki ice ( Film by Alex Mitchell of In stainless steel shaker add fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, spruce tip amaro, bonded American whiskey, a bit of egg whites, shake with sphere ice in order to whip...

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