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13 August 2021| News
Sly Augustin’s recipe for summer happiness

With summer here and the temperatures rising there’s no better way to stay cool and celebrate the lifting of lockdown restrictions than with a delicious cocktail. We speak with renowned mixologist Sly Augustin and owner of the award winning Trailer Happiness bar in West London - who gives us his take on the importance of...

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29 July 2021| News
Have you ‘herd’ Black Cow’s summer drink suggestions?

Jason Barber, who is a fifth generation dairy farmer and one of the founders of Black Cow gives us his take on refreshing cocktails for summer, the importance of ice in drinks and their new ready to drink Negroni. Tell us about Black Cow Vodka? How did your business start and what makes Black Cow...

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01 July 2021| News
Hoshizaki’s very own Cooling Champion

We want to take the chance to spread the word: Refrigeration is an incredibly interesting field with endless development and learning opportunities all around the world. Refrigeration today is indispensable to our societies, keeping up our cold chains, treating injuries, the refrigerated storage of vaccines. And especially now, as we are getting out of the...

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25 June 2021| News
Cool is cool

Refrigeration. When we hear this word, we might think about food, drinks, and ice. But have you ever thought about what refrigeration does? How many parts of our lives are determined by functioning refrigeration? Think about vaccines, that need to be stored in cold conditions. Without refrigeration, billions of people who suffer from Diabetes wouldn't...

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22 June 2021| News
WORLD REFRIGERATION DAY – Meet Hoshizaki’s very own cooling champion

To celebrate World Refrigeration Day 2021 and its theme of: ‘Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World’ – we speak to Hoshizaki UK’s Technical Manager Stuart Kayes about his amazing 25 year career from apprentice engineer to Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration. When did your career in cooling begin? I started my career...

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18 June 2021| News
Ice Maker Sourcing Tips for Maximum Hygiene

Although not always recognized as such, ice is actually a food item, and the ice maker that produces ice is considered a food production machine. This is why not only functionality features should be in focus. It is recommended to source products that are designed to minimize contamination hazards. Poorly made, stored, or handled ice...

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18 June 2021| News
Smart Ice Maker Technology for Maximum Hygiene

IM Cubers Meeting even the strictest hygiene requirements, these true allrounders offer many application possibilities in segments including the foodservice and medical sector. But how does it work? A dedicated jet of freshwater is injected into each of the closed cells. Excess water leaves the closed cell through a set of outlets. The cell walls...

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18 June 2021| News
Ice Maker Food Safety Tips

Bars and Restaurants have been closed or have been operating on a lower capacity. To get your machines and your staff up to speed, we have gathered the most important info for ice maker operators. Clean parts, clean ice. If you want to re-start your Ice Maker after a longer downtime, there are some simple...

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10 June 2021| News
Hospitality 2.0 – the Power of Ownership

Temperatures are rising and with the relaxation of Covid Measures all over Europe, there is a sense of a new beginning, a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout the last months, we have reached out to some of you and were continuously impressed by the positive energy, the comradery, the resilience,...

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07 June 2021| News
Re-start your Ice Maker and get prepared for a busy summer 2021

Together with our customers - the Bars, Hotels, and Restaurants of Europe, we are celebrating the relaxation of Covid-19 measures. Coming out of the second and longer lockdown, people all over Europe are storming the terraces to enjoy their first cocktails, meals, and freshly drafted beers. It seems we can get prepared for a busy...

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04 June 2021| News
5 Things you can optimize when dealing with delicate ingredients

Want to include delicate ingredients, such as edible flowers and microgreens to your menu? STOP! Before you do, get some expert knowledge from Rob Baan, one of the most influential people in the microgreen/edible flower business worldwide. Rob Baan is considered one of Netherland's most known gardeners… and that means something in the country known...

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28 May 2021| News
About Techniques and Experiments

When creating your own cocktail, there are many things to consider, such as the chemistry of the mix, after combining different ingredients. Then we had a closer look at the different components and the non-beverage ingredients. For the next level, we want to invite you to Labyrinth in Amsterdam, the bar of mixologist Sam Kingue...

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