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Item number: E1CL-D109
IM-240XWNE-32 Cuber, Modular & Stackable

This Hoshizaki IM-240XWNE-32 is a stackable cube ice maker producing up to 215 kg of high-quality cube ice per 24 hours. Meeting even the strictest hygiene requirements, this true allrounder offers many application possibilities in segments including the foodservice and medical sector.
All Cubers are equipped with an electronic control system. This ensures an optimized ice-making process, even under varying circumstances. Without additional manual assistance or adjustments required, our Cubers produce generous amounts of ice cubes, at a consistently high quality.

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The IM-240XWNE-32 uses refrigerant R404A.  
The exterior is made of stainless steel. The closed water circuit provides maximum protection against any type of contamination during the entire cubing process. All Hoshizaki machines are easy to use, clean, and maintain.
Unique Technology
A dedicated jet of fresh water is injected into each of the closed cells. Excess water leaves the closed cell through a set of outlets. The cell walls block the freezing water’s expansion from all sides while reaching down to -30°C during the cubing process. Thanks to the automatic rinse cycles, impurities such as minerals, are eliminated from the water resulting in the purest ice possible while your machine is protected from calcification and mineral build-up.
Smart Design
Like all Hoshizaki Ice makers, the IM-240XWNE-32 is designed to last and comes with smart design extras such as a magnetic water pump without direct coupling. This element prevents leakage from the water circuit and improves the life expectancy of the machine.
Perfect Fit
Need to amp up your production capacity? These ice makers can be stacked and combined with modular bins and bases. This allows the user to mix and match depending on individual requirements, ice consumption, and space conditions. The dimensions of the IM-240XWNE-32 are  1084 x 700 x 500 mm.
The smart plug-and-play design guarantees an easy and quick set-up.
Product series


Model name


Item numberE1CL-D109
Product title

Cuber, Modular & Stackable

Production capacity (kg/24h) approx.


Electric connection

1/220 - 240V/50Hz

Electric consumption (kW)


Outside dimensions W x D x H (mm)

1084 x 700 x 500

Ice type

Extra large cubes - 32 (32 x 32 x 32mm)



CO2 equivalent (kg)


Cooling system

Water Cooled

Product configuration


Net weight (kg)


Gross weight packed (kg)


Corresponding bin(s)

B-801SA, F-1025-52S, F-650-42S, F-650-44S, F-950-48S

Instruction manual


Declaration of conformity


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