Alchemist 2

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Restaurant Concept

Holistic Cuisine

Owner/Head chef

Rasmus Munk

Establishment year


Establishment address

Refshalevej 173C, DK-1432 Copenhagen


Being in the business for so long, Rasmus learned to stay up to date, when it comes to new innovations or technologies. Having understood the power of temperature control, he selected refrigerators, freezers, and counters that allow nuanced temperature adjustments to create perfect storage conditions for different ingredients. As an example, Rasmus outlines that his herb station is set on exactly 2°, while the caviar is stored at -1° Celsius.


With his holistic approach to dining and his refreshing views on modern gastronomy, Rasmus Munk is not an enfant terrible, but a true pioneer in his field. We have accompanied Rasmus through the rather exciting design and construction phase of his new restaurant Alchemist. In doing so, we have witnessed how much effort it was put into every little detail to be compliant with Rasmus’ own extremely high standards, especially when it comes to generating mind-blowing experiences for his guests, while never losing focus on creating and maintaining a comfortable work environment for his team and himself.

Sustainability is a recurring topic around Alchemist. Although the quality of his products enjoys being prioritized at all times, Rasmus managed to implement an abundance of measures to save energy and to reduce waste. His selection of cold solutions has the following things in common: extremely energy-saving and provide such accurate temperature settings, that the shelf life of some products such as canned caviar can easily be extended from two weeks to up to three months.

Having analyzed all the necessary walking routes of his four kitchens, Rasmus had all devices placed in a way that his staff has
very short and efficient ways. For example, every single of the 40 working stations is equipped with a dedicated refrigeration unit.
This helps to keep up the highest standards of food safety, reduces walking routes for his staff, and is a true time-saver.

“I hope we will set things in motion. I want Alchemist to comment on the present and create something that can resound further than the restaurant industry. I want people to eat – and then think.”

“I wanted to have a kitchen that runs by the rule of love, instead of the rule of fear, which sadly is still a part of most kitchen environments today. “

Rasmus Munk
12 05 2021 | hospitality

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