Tiger, Bar a Gin

Paris, France

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Elise Nepveu

Establishment address

13 rue Princesse, 75006 Paris


The concept behind the Tiger is a bit different than any other cocktail bar, it is aimed for an atmosphere ‘Tropicool’. “We aim to break the regular cocktail bar codes in creating a date mood during the week and a party atmosphere on the weekends”.

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“The Tiger is a bar that houses a ‘Tropicool’ atmosphere and uses gin as a base for all its preparations. They are sublimated in an over 1000 combinations of gin and tonics.” Located in the famous and festive area of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Tiger isn’t just a regular cocktail bar. As time goes by, the bar turns into a real club where DJ’s perform house, funk or electronic music to turn up the beat. The Tiger breaks the established codes by having a date oriented mood during the week and a more festive rythm on the week-ends that will make your gin even more tonic!

“To be able to grant our guests a superior product quality ice cubes need to be transparent and melt slowly which lengthen the original taste of the cocktail.”

At the Tiger the staff sends away at least 300 to 450 cocktails between Friday and Saturday nights. This requires a constant ice production flow. The installation of cube ice and flake ice machines on one bin is the perfect combination.

Ice is essential in our preparations, the Gin Tonic for instance, is served in a wide baloon glass, poured amongst ice cubes

Elise Nepveu
07 06 2019 | hospitality

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