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Brighton, England

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A drinks consultancy & training company

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Myles Cunliffe set up the Mixology Group with his wife Zoe

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Rear of 64 Davigdor Road, Brighton


The Mixology Group specialises in training staff in all aspects concerning the bar business, from mixology and cocktails to bar tending and becoming a certified ‘Whisky Ambassador’. The company also partners with big brands of new drinks when it comes to research & development of new beverages, mixtures and combinations. Last but not least, The Mixology Group is has made a name as a reliable provider of bar staff to all sorts of events, parties and celebrations.

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“Hoshizaki is the only company I’ve worked with that delivers a very consistent product, which I want and need – clear ice, every single time.”

“Supreme clarity is vital for the look of the finished drink. If the ice looks fantastic, it will showcase any of the wonderful products you choose to pair.”
Myles can look back on more than 20 years in the bar and drinks industry. Since his beginnings in mixology, he has been working with Hoshizaki Ice Makers exclusively, becoming a real Hoshizaki connoisseur over time.
“The machines are extremely reliable so they do not need regular attention, but service is always prompt and highly efficient”, the bar owner and bar consultant concludes.

When speaking about the importance of ice, Myles explains: “People underestimate the importance of truly great ice. As half the volume of the glass is made up of it, it is essential to have the clearest, densest ice possible. Watery, cloudy ice is simply not acceptable in a well made drink.”

You will find two ice makers in the Brighton Bar “The Mixology Group”, the classic IM Cuber and the famous Ball Ice Maker. “This is not only for the looks”, explains Myles, “as with less surface area than square ice, round ice reduces melting time even more. And it looks spectacular in the glass.”

The value Hoshizaki adds to the experience of my guests, far outweighs the initial investment.”

Myles Cunliffe


05 06 2019 | educational, hospitality

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