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Ice is a subject taken seriously by the Drink Factory, the company created by world renowned bartender, Tony Conigliaro, and its three London bars are kitted out with an assortment of Hoshizaki cube ice makers.

The most recent acquisition, however, is a Hoshizaki ‘big ice’ machine. The IM-65NE-LM which makes extraordinarily large 48x48x58mm cubes – is now installed in the group’s shiny new development laboratory in Hackney. Heading R&D is Zoe Burgess, a respected food, drink and aroma specialist with a keen interest in flavour perception. “We’re constantly experimenting with lots of different ingredients, techniques and serves – the possibilities are truly endless,” she explains. “However, we only ever use one brand of ice. In our opinion, Hoshizaki machines make the best quality ice available. Its clarity and density are exceptional and, importantly, its temperature is consistent which means that we can faithfully replicate our drinks with the certainty that the outcome will always be the same.”

The super-sized cubes have an even slower dilution rate than regular Hoshizaki ice which is a key consideration when flavour appreciation is so important. “Also, a lot of our drinks are very focused and minimal which the single, statement cube of ice really emphasise,” continues Zoe.

Two of the minimal drinks that are made with this ice, Rye and Rice are on the menu in Untitled, the Drink Factory’s newest bar in Dalston.

Rye is made with rye whiskey, home-made toasted rye syrup and rye bitters and finished with a squeeze of lemon.
Rice consists simply of saki and home-made saki lees syrup. Both are served in rocks glasses wide enough to accommodate the large Hoshizaki ice cube.

09 01 2018 | educational, hospitality