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Paris, France

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Originally from Taiwan located in more than 25 countries with more than 1000 outlets


Bubble Teas



Establishment address

33 Richelieu Street, 75001 Paris


Chatime is the first worldwide Bubble Teas specialised chain. The word ‘cha’ means ‘tea’. So ‘chatime’ could be loosely translated into ‘teatime’. But today, with over 1000 locations around the globe, Chatime means so much more than that! Check out this Chatime in Paris. The worldwide specialty is a neat tapioca pearl dipped in an iced milk tea.

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“Ice cubes are a very important ingredient and we are completely dependent upon a stable production of high quality ice.” Marc is running two Chatime outlets in Paris and has chosen Hoshizaki icemakers for them both.

“The perfect ice shall be clear, solid and melt slowly to keep the coolness, taste and appearance of our drinks”.

“At Chatime they offer a wide variety of bubble teas made from different teas, using different toppings and ingredients.”

“Have a classic milk tea or order a drink with tapioca pearls, fruit jellies or even red beans to garnish the beverage.”

We consume about 100-150 kg of ice per day in the rush hours, some days, we face an ice disruption. Fortunately the machine produces ice cubes fastly enough to provide our customers with fresh teas

04 06 2019 | hospitality

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