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HOSHIZAKI-GRAM Ambassador introduced to Michelin Guide with 2 STARS

Reading through the #sustainable concept of his restaurant and browsing through the numerous excellent reviews since its opening in June 2019, it was somewhat clear that the new ALCHEMIST in Copenhagen is following a very ambitious route towards being one of the best restaurants in the world. Directly being added to the Michelin Guide 2 stars at once is an incredible achievement in that direction. As a long-term partner we are happy to congratulate not only the amazing head-chef and owner, but also his dedicated and creative team. Way to go, Alchemist – we are proud to be your partner when it comes to sustainable refrigeration and ice makers. And we are curious what will happen next, as we strongly assume that there is more exciting things to happen in the future!

To be awarded two stars after such a short time of opening is a rare event in Michelin history, and has only happened once before in the Nordics, when Maaemo in Oslo went directly from zero to two stars after a little more than a year of opening.

“Considering that we are a new restaurant with no previous record of stars in the guide I hardly dared to hope for even one, so two is truly mind blowing”, Rasmus Munk continues.

Munk labels his style of cooking “Holistic Cuisine”, where gastronomy plays the central part but is enhanced by art, drama, music, sensory stimulation and visual technology.

“An evening at Alchemist is something completely different from dining at a traditional restaurant. I knew very well when we opened that we risked being excluded from guides such as Michelin since the experience is so different. I am very grateful that the guide has recognized that a fine dining experience can be approached in new and less traditional ways.”

An evening at Alchemist takes place in five different settings, with a planetarium dome at the heart of the restaurant. The experience is choreographed with the help of a dramaturge and several dishes carry strong political and environmental messages – commenting on for example plastic pollution, gavage and organ donation.

“This is an incredible reception for a new restaurant, we have already received so much praise and sympathy from our guests – but of course the recognition from Michelin is one of the top goals of any restaurant. It is unusual to go directly to two stars this fast – but it’s also a unique and unusual restaurant and I am very happy for Rasmus and his team”, says Lars Seier Christensen, co-owner and main investor.

Alchemist was named Best Restaurant in Denmark (White Guide) within only four months of opening and has been sold out its entire first year, with over 10,000 people signing up for the waiting list.

“I am very proud and humbled by all the recognition and attention we have received, most of all because it helps me access a greater audience. What keeps me going as a chef is the possibility to influence people – my ultimate goal is to change the world through gastronomy. At Alchemist we have the opportunity to transport our guests out of their ordinary world and into a dimension outside time and space. That’s a really good place to start a conversation”, says Rasmus Munk.