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Warming up to Iced Coffees

Warming up to Iced Coffees

Beyond being a refreshing summer indulgence, the versatility of iced coffee has transcended seasons, becoming a beloved beverage enjoyed throughout the year, even in the chilly embrace of winter.

Consumers globally have warmed up to the idea of iced coffee in recent years, with its popularity spiking rapidly across all sectors. No more is this so than in the United States where Starbucks reported that cold drinks represented 75% of all sales in the third quarter of 2023*. Whilst outlets appreciate the importance of coffee and syrups within the finished drink, ironically, many overlook how fundamental ice is to their iced coffee creations.

Expert mixologist and barista ambassador for Buscagoline Caffé, Richard Zijlstra, understands more than most, the importance of ice:

“Ice in a cold beverage is one of the most underestimated ingredients. We always take care of the quality of the coffee, the milk and the syrups, but it’s the quality of the ice that’s the most important factor. When you use low-quality ice, it dilutes too rapidly and will make the drink watery. There is no point in investing in quality ingredients and quality glassware if the ice is inferior – it will simply spoil the final drink.”

In order that venues can improve the quality of iced coffees, leading ice machine manufacturer, Hoshizaki recommends cubelet ice, created in their front-of-house friendly DCM ice dispensers. Hard and compressed, cubelet ice is better able to withstand the intense heat from freshly brewed coffee and therefore provides an excellent dilution rate that eradicates watered-down drinks.

Despite its small size, the DCM is more than capable, as Richard continues;

“The Hoshizaki DCM is not a big ice machine, but it has a very large ice production. It makes 60kg in 24 hours, so there’s always enough ice for service. For me it’s a game-changer. It creates amazing drinks and we don’t have to worry about the ice melting away, or running low on stock. It always provides the right amount of quality ice for each service.”

The dispensing function ensures there is no unnecessary waste as staff are able to control the portions required. The compact design of the appliance means it’s suitable to place on the bar next to a coffee machine for smooth workflow and accessible ice on demand. This streamlined service can help bolster grab and go orders in peak times. The dispenser function of the DCM unit also eliminates the need for bartenders and baristas to manually fetch ice from larger machines that will have to be positioned back of house.

Richard summarises:

“Iced coffees are the rising star in Europe. It’s an absolutely amazing drink, but the quality of the ingredients, including the ice, is very important and cannot be understated. With the DCM machine from Hoshizaki we have hard, compressed ice that dilutes much slower and as the staff don’t touch the ice with their hands, it’s very hygienic.”


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