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Hoshizaki makes donation for Ukraine to Red Cross Poland and Peace Winds Japan

As a reaction to the current conflict in Ukraine, and the resulting humanitarian crisis, affecting 4.2 Mio Ukrainians, Hoshizaki, as a group will make a donation to Red Cross Poland and Peace Winds Japan.

2.4 million Ukrainians have been displaced to Poland and other neighboring countries, where the Red Cross is providing food and shelter to the refugees.

Hoshizaki also decided to support Peace Winds Japan, as the NGO has partnered with a Ukrainian NGO for the provision of medicines and food to the people who have remained in Ukraine. Peace Winds Japan has also dispatched staff to the neighboring country, Moldova, for supporting the construction of an evacuation center and for providing food.

Our thoughts are with all victims of this conflict and hope for the imminent re-establishment of peace in the entire region.