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This is why the BEERMATIC will help you tap the perfect beer!

Honestly, if you must possess one quality as a bartender, it is multitasking. Taking orders, preparing cocktails, drinks, processing payments, the list goes on. And that preferably all at once. When the bar gets hectic, as we know it does; keeping up with all the drinks and beers can be demanding . In fact, about 15% of all beer is wasted during the pouring process. This is where the BEERMATIC comes in. It guarantees not only the perfect serve, but it also saves you beer, time and money. Our product manager Alessandro explains.

First things first. This is why Alessandro, from our product planning team knows best.

Alessandro has been fascinated by automatic beer dispensers since he was a student in Japan. Although they were not rare at the time in Japan he was still impressed that “People are amazed by this robot serving the perfect beer… the ‘wow effect’ is still there as people watch and make videos while the beer is poured.” Alessandro has been working on the BeerMatic since its early days, when it was simply named ‘Draft Beer Dispenser’… “Thankfully the team came up with the name BeerMatic says Alessandro; we’re glad too!

6 BEERMATIC secrets explained

Let this be clear: The goal of the BEERMATIC is not to replace the bartender with a machine. We know that a crafty bartender is irreplaceable!
“The BEERMATIC ensures consistently perfect beers while the bartender works on the other part of the order. This will mean a more efficient bar, and more complex drinks never need to be rushed again,” explains Alessandro.
But how exactly does the BEERMATIC help with that? We list the six advantages for you:

1. Consistently high quality

The beer-to-foam ratio can be adjusted to different types of beer or to to meet local preferences. An internal cooling system chills down the beer on its way from the keg through the machine, so that the draft beer can be served directly from ambient temperature kegs. This ensures a cooled and crisp beer every time.

2. It saves you seconds;

Until the beer is poured, no additional attention is required. This opens time windows, for example, to process payments, prepare orders, or to clean up.
Tip: the BeerMatic takes just under 25 seconds to pour one pint (~584ml). When the bartender thinks he is almost done with the other drinks he can press the button to start the perfect pour!

3. Cost control;

As mentioned before, portions can be controlled very accurately. Every single beer is accounted for as the number of beers poured is shown on the display, no more missing inventory! The internal refrigeration system allows you to save energy costs too as you don’t need to cool the kegs.

4. Clean workspace guaranteed;

Accurate portioning avoids spillage entirely, no cutting/skimming needed. The dispenser’s compartmentalized design is engineered to avoid contamination and to simplify cleaning routines. With this system, you can maintain the highest standards of food safety, hygiene, and sanitization.

5. One machine fits all;

The BEERMATIC is space-saving, it is designed to fit in any size bar. This compact design means that it can also be easily transported.

6. Flexibility;

The dual tap allows you to connect two separate kegs with different types of beer simultaneously. Additionally, the automatic tilting unit is compatible with all common glass sizes.

“All you actually have to do is press the button and the machine will take care of the rest. The tilting of the glass and cooling of the beer are done automatically,” says Allesandro. The result: A perfect pint. So with one machine and only the touch of a button, you can solve many of the problems a bartender faces on a daily basis, without ever compromising on quality.