Sustainability Plan

Hoshizaki's Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our Mission
As a world class, multi-billion dollar corporation we work responsibly to provide original products which are good for the environment with clear benefits for our customers.
Customer Focus
Continuous improvements to our products for energy and water consumption reductions result in lower operation cost for our customers.
100% of scrap metal is recycled.
100% of batteries are recycled.
100% of electronics & light bulbs are recycled.
100% of packaging & pallets are recycled.


Social Sustainability

Corporate responsibility is evident throughout our organization. From employee community and outreach programs, charitable fundraising to our global nature preserves….Hoshizaki is partnering with you for a better planet!

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to develop original, energy efficient products preferred by our customers while complying with laws and operating our facilities in a safe manner as exemplified by our BS OHSAS 18001 certification. Our multiple Energy Star Partner of the Year Awards further acknowledges our accomplishments.

Economic Sustainability

Hoshizaki practices conservation through reduced energy consumption in our facilities, effective waste management and recycling programs, plus a well-managed supply chain. We seek cost management to maintain our profitability by designing and producing the highest quality and best value products on the market.