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We keep it cool,
you make it brilliant...

…or consistent, friendly, tasty and efficient. Whatever it is you want to create, at Hoshizaki we offer smart cooling and freezing solutions for every restaurant.
Our equipment in your kitchen ensures reliability and provides you with confidence that your products will stay fresh, cool and safe.

Hoshizaki, when cool becomes brilliant.

The quick service restaurant life

Working with Hoshizaki I offer each work station the best equipment. As a supplier to our multi-regi¬on corporation they make me look extra good in my line of work. And besides the quality of the Hoshizaki products, they are a partner in the whole process from start to finish. I’m able to access all relevant info very quickly to pass on to our controller, operati-ons and finance team. After purchase and installation, when it comes to support, I prefer working with Hoshizaki which always aligns with us, instead of the other way around.

is everything

Hoshizaki helps you to preserve all flavours and textures, inspiring your creativity. So you can achieve your creations.

Brilliance at any level

The new product portfolio of Hoshizaki offers three different series to meet every demand:

Long lasting quality.
Maximum efficiency.
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Durable. Reliable.
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Small footprint.
High performance.
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Plenty of advantages for quick service restaurants

Quick service restaurants have specific demands when it comes to cooling and freezing equipment. Therefore we have developed our new product lines listening to our clients. Our designs and engineering are a reflection of the experiences and practical needs of quick service restaurants from all over the world.

Optimally user-focussed
Our ergonomically designed ranges contribute to a healthier work environment with features such as full-height handles and low noise levels. Our Premier and Compact 420 series features include the auto door closing function up to 90 degrees and the practical pedal-foot door opener, which allows hands-free opening and is a true time-saver for hectic kitchen operations.
Food freshness and safety
For confident professionals our efficient air circulation systems help to maintain correct storage temperatures at all times, preserving the taste, texture, and nutritional content of your fresh goods for better food safety. Thanks to the rounded corners and seamless surfaces, frequent cleaning routines become a quick and simple task. The practical anti-tilting shelves prevent spillage. The cabinets come with removable gaskets for easy cleaning.
Sustainable in energy and less food waste
Of course, we use only natural refrigerants and environmentally friendly insulation materials. We offer one of the best Ecodesign energy labeling in the market. The energy-efficient refrigeration technology implemented in our new ranges helps save running costs on a day-to-day basis.
Durability & efficiency
We guarantee what we deliver. All our products come with a 3 to 5 years warranty on parts and labour. The Hoshizaki product range has proven to have one of the longest lifetime operations in the category. Our products have low sound levels comparable to domestic living room standards that beat most competitors.
Uniform design
The exteriors of our different series feature a uniform design that seamlessly and aesthetically fits into your Hoshizaki refrigeration concept. Our series come in different cabinet sizes and temperature ranges to meet your individual needs and usage areas. Including undercounter models and Euronorm 1/1 size models, double door models and wide-size cabinets with decreased depth for narrow and long environments. Depending on your requirements, you can choose cabinets with top or bottom-mounted condensers.
Less maintenance
We bring you peace of mind. All our ranges use low maintenance technology with easy access to the technical components. . The Premier refrigeration system features a compartmentalized design which brings multiple advantages. Valuable space inside the cabinet can be used for storage. Additionally, it can easily be serviced via the front access panel on top of the cabinet.


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