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Item number: M071-D105
IM-240XNE-HC-32 Cuber, Modular & Stackable

This stackable modular ice maker is part of a unique range of cubers; designed with hygiene as a priority. Each ice cycle is made with fresh water, ensuring only the highest quality of ice. The cubes are easily recognized by its precise shape, clarity and slow dilution. This is particularly important for ice that is used in premium beverages like cocktails, as it protects the integrity and flavour of the drink. This model is configured with our storage bins, and can be stacked to multiply the ice production.

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  • Unique ice making system that has an automatic rinse cycle. After every new batch of ice, the water reservoir drains and refills with fresh water.
  • System comes with a magnetic water pump that has no direct coupling, which prevents any leakage.
  • Closed water circuit offers the ultimate contamination protection, by reducing the number of points at which impurities can enter the ice making process.
  • Electronically controlled to ensure an optimised ice making process under varying circumstances without the need for physical adjustments. Quality of ice is always consistent.
  • Easily cleanable air filter allows end-users to carry out routine cleaning schedules. Extends product life expectancy and reduces the frequency and costs of maintenance call-outs.
  • Stainless steel frame inside
Product series


Model name


Item number M071-D105
Product title

Cuber, Modular & Stackable

Market segment

Cubers, Ice, Ice Makers

Production capacity (kg/24h) approx.


Electric connection

1/220 - 240V/50Hz

Electric connection Load (kW)


Outside Dimensions W x D x H (mm)

1082 x 697 x 485

Ice type

XL Cube - 32



CO2 equivalent (kg)


Cooling system

Air Cooled

Product configuration


Net weight (kg)


Gross Weight Packed (kg)


Corresponding bin(s)

B-340SA, F-1025-52S, F-600-42S, F-650-44S, F-950-48S

Spec sheet


Instruction manual


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Dimensional drawings