The Cornish Bakery chills with Hoshizaki

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With an ever increasing percentage of the population worrying about the provenance of the food they consume, it’s little wonder that The Cornish Bakery* chain, which is founded on the premise of freshly­made foods cooked to authentic recipes, has captured the public’s imagination.

“We believe in quality and transparency,” claims Steve Grocutt, founder and CEO. “We use only the finest ingredients which means our pasties, pastries and beverages are always delicious, and we invest in the best equipment which gives us ongoing reliability and faultless performance.”

One equipment brand that has been used by the company since its launch is Hoshizaki. Each shop has a Hoshizaki IM­21CNE ice maker behind the counter for use in iced lattes, mochas, chocolates and shakes. “I recall that Hoshizaki was recommended to me when I first started the company,” explains Steve. “Clearly, going with them was the right decision as in all these years we have never had a problem! As new shops open, we always specify a Hoshizaki and know the machines are going to deliver an outstanding performance.”

With more than 30 shops now open, and with yet more in the pipeline, the Hoshizaki machines range in age from 15 years to one month. The most recent shop is sited in the Atrium of Birmingham’s NEC and here, The Cornish Bakery’s refrigeration supplier, Coldstar, recommended that Steve opt for one of the newly released, naturally refrigerated Hoshizaki models. These eco­friendly machines are climate­ friendly and cost­ efficient, and the IM-21­CNE­-HC model installed, also saves an impressive 30% on energy costs.

As a company that is continuing to grow, I believe it is crucial that we do all we can to protect our environment, so I am delighted that Hoshizaki shares our philosophy.

09 01 2018 | bakery