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Edinburgh, Scotland

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Ice cubes for the hospitality and events sectors


Ilanna Middleton and Rhys Ferguson



Establishment address

1 Summerhall Pl, Edinburgh


Started by a passionate duo, looking to fill a niche in the market for quality ice, the Edinburgh Ice Company initially started out by supplying bars, restaurants, hotels, festivals and events with ice for beverage making. With extensive experience of working in events and hospitality from their previous roles, Illanna and Rhys had a solid prior knowledge of our city and its bars, pubs and high-profile events.”

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Supplying pre-bagged cubed and crushed ice in a choice of large 12kg, or smaller 2kg sealed bags, The Edinburgh Ice Co. offers delivery to anywhere in the UK.

Using a bank of sixteen Hoshizaki IM240 ice machines, the team can produce up to three tonnes of cubed ice per day at maximum capacity.

“We could use big, mass-production machines, but they simply don’t deliver the same results. We’re all about the quality and will not compromise on this.”

A talent for sculpting ice has unlocked opportunities around the country, especially as the only artisan ice carvers in Scotland. When a machine goes down in a bar, when planning a large event, or even when we experience an unexpected spell of warm weather in the UK, operators rely on
us to deliver ice to an exceptionally high standard.

We’re super proud that we only use Hoshizaki machines for our cubed and crushed ice. In fact, we’re so delighted; we put the Hoshizaki on our vans, uniforms, website, merchandise and in our social media content.”, Ilanna concludes.

When it comes to ice making machines, we wouldn’t touch anything else.

Rhys Ferguson
04 06 2019 | catering, hospitality

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