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Nothing beats a great ice maker, here is why

The everyday hustle in a food business can be demanding, that’s why it’s important to have equipment that can keep up with the work. The last thing your barman needs is to run out of ice during a busy day in the restaurant. Having an ice maker that can keep up with the demand of drinks, not only keeps your barman happy, but the customers as well. Time is money, so why invest in fragile kitchen equipment when you can buy the luxury sports car of the ice makers?

Here are 5 reasons why Hoshizaki ice makers are reliable:

1. Durable design

The design of the ice makers has been done in a smart way to ensure that they last. The ice makers come with smart design extras such as a magnetic water pump without direct coupling. This element improves the life expectancy of a machine as it prevents any leakage from the water circuit. This smart technology has been applied to all machines that range in capacity sizes. So you can be sure that whether you are producing 22 KG of ice per day or you are producing 240 KG of ice a day, the machine will keep up and last!

2. Keeps away the germs

One of the most sensitive elements in managing kitchens is the topic of food contamination. The machines’ smart technology makes ice with absolutely no impurities. This makes the flake, nugget and cubelet ice makers extremely popular in the food and drinks industry. But because it has been proven that these Hoshizaki ice makers create ice that meets the strictest hygiene requirements, they are even used for medical purposes such as organ transport!

3. Consistently identical ice cubes

Same ice cube, different day. Every single ice cube is made individually in the ice makers. This is done by a dedicated spray of fresh water in a closed cell. Not only does this guarantee the highest possible compactness of an ice cube, it also makes sure that every ice cube gets the same perfectly precise shape it needs to have.

4. Quick and easy handling

The crescent ice maker has an improved double evaporator with double-sided stainless steel surfaces. This allows you to make the same amount of ice in half the time, helping you to keep up with those busy days. And when the day is done, all machines are made to be cleaned easily. The ice makers are designed in such a way that they are easy to use, maintain and clean. No hassle, just business.

5. Best customer experience guaranteed

At the end of the day the most important people are your customers. So you might be wondering “How can a Hoshizaki ice maker improve their experience?”. Well, because the ice cubes produced are perfect with no impurities, it gives a 100% tasteless guarantee. This makes sure the ice is just there as the cooling agent and nothing else. And because the ice cubes are produced in such a unique and compact way, the ice melts slower and dilution of drinks becomes much less. Even looking for fun shapes of ice to make your drinks the most unique? The special ice makers can make shapes such as balls, hearts, stars and cylinders. Fun!

Ice cubes are used in a range of processes in the drink and food industry and usually in bulk. So why hassle about the quality and the production capacity, when you can get a machine that can match your ambitions?