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10 June 2021| News
Hospitality 2.0 – the Power of Ownership

Temperatures are rising and with the relaxation of Covid Measures all over Europe, there is a sense of a new beginning, a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout the last months, we have reached out to some of you and were continuously impressed by the positive energy, the comradery, the resilience,...

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07 June 2021| News
Re-start your Ice Maker and get prepared for a busy summer 2021

Together with our customers - the Bars, Hotels, and Restaurants of Europe, we are celebrating the relaxation of Covid-19 measures. Coming out of the second and longer lockdown, people all over Europe are storming the terraces to enjoy their first cocktails, meals, and freshly drafted beers. It seems we can get prepared for a busy...

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04 June 2021| News
5 Things you can optimize when dealing with delicate ingredients

Want to include delicate ingredients, such as edible flowers and microgreens to your menu? STOP! Before you do, get some expert knowledge from Rob Baan, one of the most influential people in the microgreen/edible flower business worldwide. Rob Baan is considered one of Netherland's most known gardeners… and that means something in the country known...

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28 May 2021| News
About Techniques and Experiments

When creating your own cocktail, there are many things to consider, such as the chemistry of the mix, after combining different ingredients. Then we had a closer look at the different components and the non-beverage ingredients. For the next level, we want to invite you to Labyrinth in Amsterdam, the bar of mixologist Sam Kingue...

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21 May 2021| News
Bartenders reveal their ingredient game

Creating a cocktail menu is a creative and very individual process and it includes thinking about spirits, liqueurs, and all the other ingredients, such as citrus fruit, herbs, and edible flowers. There is a lot of valuable information online about the most important spirits and liquors every bar should hold. You can browse recommended stock...

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13 May 2021| News
Cooking with Ice – Hot-Cold Treatment for Maximum Taste

Cooking can be seen as a game in which the player has to use different factors, such as time and temperatures to bring each ingredient to its maximum potential. Several cooking techniques involve ice, for example, to carefully chill stocks and soups. One technique that includes “playing” not only with heat but also with the...

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29 April 2021| News
Using Ice in Restaurants

When we hear "ice maker", we automatically think of cocktail bars or bottles of champagne, submerged in buckets, filled with ice. The European Union defines water, and everything made of water as “food”. Considered being a food item, ice makers and ice cubes for commercial purposes need to be compliant with different country-specific and European...

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09 April 2021| News
Know your Dough

In many cultures, bread is an integral part of society. Germany is one of the countries with strong bread traditions. As a matter of fact, German baking culture was even added to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO in 2015. The German Institute for bread counts 3200 officially recognized types of bread. With 10.491...

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01 April 2021| News
Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers are a new trend? Not exactly. In fact, flowers have been used for culinary purposes for centuries, if not longer. But it is true, scrolling down the Instagram timelines of famous chefs and bartenders around the world, we see more and more tasteful floral arrangements. Dipping into botanicas when crafting a recipe is...

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18 March 2021| News
Efficiency behind the Bar

There are a lot of things you as a bar owner can do to create efficiency behind your bar. We took a closer look at cocktail bars specifically, because compared to wine bars or pubs, there is one big difference - the enormous consumption of ice. Running out of ice mid-shift comes close to a...

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18 March 2021| News
Ice Hygiene

The sanitary handling of ice is an important aspect of creating a food-safe environment in your business. This is not only relevant for bar owners but also owners of restaurants or catering businesses. Handling ice is a delicate issue. Taking the time to build an individual cleaning and maintenance routine as well as educating your...

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26 February 2021| News
White Mezcal Negroni

The Negroni – a classic Italian. As with many cocktails, the actual origin is highly disputed. The following story is only one of many that recite the origin of this famous drink. Let us take you back to 1919. We take a seat at the bar of Caffe Casoni, a small bar located at Via...

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