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01 April 2021| News
Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers are a new trend? Not exactly. In fact, flowers have been used for culinary purposes for centuries, if not longer. But it is true, scrolling down the Instagram timelines of famous chefs and bartenders around the world, we see more and more tasteful floral arrangements. Dipping into botanicas when crafting a recipe is...

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18 March 2021| News
Efficiency behind the Bar

There are a lot of things you as a bar owner can do to create efficiency behind your bar. We took a closer look at cocktail bars specifically, because compared to wine bars or pubs, there is one big difference - the enormous consumption of ice. Running out of ice mid-shift comes close to a...

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18 March 2021| News
Ice Hygiene

The sanitary handling of ice is an important aspect of creating a food-safe environment in your business. This is not only relevant for bar owners but also owners of restaurants or catering businesses. Handling ice is a delicate issue. Taking the time to build an individual cleaning and maintenance routine as well as educating your...

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26 February 2021| News
White Mezcal Negroni

The Negroni – a classic Italian. As with many cocktails, the actual origin is highly disputed. The following story is only one of many that recite the origin of this famous drink. Let us take you back to 1919. We take a seat at the bar of Caffe Casoni, a small bar located at Via...

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09 February 2021| Events, News
Hoshizaki announces partnership with the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild (UKBG)

Hoshizaki, the leading refrigeration and ice machine supplier to the ontrade has announced a partnership with the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild (UKBG) which will give Guild members exclusive discounted prices for Hoshizaki equipment and the chance to attend a series of Hoshizaki training masterclasses. Hoshizaki will also be sponsoring a selection of UKBG online educational...

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22 January 2021| News
The Chemistry in Cocktails

What do bartenders and chemists have in common? They both know how to manipulate the properties of raw ingredients and combine them in a way to forge something new. Cocktail creation is where are art and chemistry collide and a deeper understanding of the chemical reactions that occur in cocktails can help bartenders in their...

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16 December 2020| News
Creativity in Crisis Times Part 2

As the world continues to battle Covid-19, governments across Europe have extended lockdowns to curb the pandemic, which means bars have to adapt to stay in business. However, these continued restrictions have not deterred the bar industry, with many bars experimenting with new services and novel ways to stay connected with customers and keep their...

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17 November 2020| News
The Expert’s Verdict – Giovanni Depergola x BEERMATIC

We have met with Giovanni Depergola, Co-Founder and Head of Education of Alembic Dubai, to discuss our newest addition to the Hoshizaki Product Family, the BEERMATIC, a fully automatic beer dispenser, designed to simplify the working life of every bartender.  I actually had seen a version of it, while visiting a trade show in Japan,...

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30 October 2020| News
Reduce Waste…

Sustainability is one of the biggest trends all over the world, and one of the biggest buzzwords in the hospitality industry. In this context, it is a holistic term that encompasses reducing waste and making sustainable choices on all levels of business activity. There is no right and wrong choice for your business – sustainable...

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01 October 2020| News
The science behind your beer

Beer is one of the world best-selling beverages, and according to Kirin Ichiban’s latest annual report, global consumption of beer reached 188.79 million kiloliters in 2018, an increase of 0.8% from the previous year. The popularity of beer in Europe is also on the rise, The Brewers of Europe’s latest report reveals there are 10,284...

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10 September 2020| News
Bar Layout and Efficiency

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and there are two important aspects that help new bars build a good reputation - a quality menu and a well-planned layout that reflects the bar’s character. Timo Janse, Owner at Flying Dutchman Cocktails, one of Time Out’s top ten bars in Amsterdam, shares...

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24 August 2020| News
Opening a Bar 101

Opening a new cocktail bar can be a challenging but very rewarding endeavor, and speaking from experience, Timo Janse, Owner at Flying Dutchman Cocktails, one of Time Out’s top ten bars in Amsterdam, shares advice on how to create efficiency behind the bar to help bar owners on their journey. Enthusiastic mixologists preparing to open...

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