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21 August 2023| News
Find your perfect ice match with Hoshizaki…

Long are the days where a standard cube of ice meets the mark, especially in the bartending world where ice has the power to make a drink authentic, spectacular, and superior in quality… but only when using the right ice. But with such a wide variety of ice to choose from, it can be hard...

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03 July 2023| News
Many roads can lead to a ”cool career”

With last week’s World Refrigeration Day still resonating in our minds, it is a great opportunity to have a closer look at the movers and shakers, the drivers, and representatives of Hoshizaki Europe. Paul de Jong started his working career as a 23-year-old manager for a retail outlet with Gall &Gall, selling whiskey, wines, and...

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26 June 2023| News

This year’s theme is #NextGenCooling, the Future of Refrigeration, and it is the perfect opportunity to highlight the interesting people working for and with refrigeration. Think about the engineers who help manufacture the refrigeration devices of the future, but also the chefs and mixologists working with the products that keep the food fresh and the...

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07 June 2023| News
The importance of food standards during this year’s World Food Safety Day

Dining out, ordering in, and everything in between. It’s no secret that many people in Europe enjoy a meal prepared by someone else. According to a new NDP food service industry report, it is estimated that one in five meals eaten in European homes in 2023 will come from restaurants. And back in 2018, 18%...

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16 May 2023| News, Product Launches
Hoshizaki Compact range gets a clear face lift

Global ice maker and refrigeration experts Hoshizaki is excited to announce the launch of their Compact glass door freezer range, which is now in stock and available for immediate delivery. The Compact FG 220 and FG 420, with capacities of 77 litres and 265 litres respectively, are part of the new Compact range, designed to...

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15 May 2023| News, Product Launches
Hoshizaki’s Premier Range

At Hoshizaki, we understand that preserving food freshness is of paramount importance. That's why the Premier range is equipped with smart refrigeration solutions that go above and beyond. The innovative technology and efficient air circulation system ensures optimal temperature recovery every time you open the cabinet door or defrost. Say goodbye to compromised food quality...

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02 May 2023| News
Explore the latest drinks trends with Hoshizaki UK…

With the rise in demand for iced coffee and other chilled beverages, we wanted to keep you informed about the latest trends in the industry. Iced coffee has become increasingly popular over the years, with more and more people choosing it as their go-to summer drink. It’s refreshing and energising qualities make it the perfect...

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25 April 2023| News, Product Launches
Hoshizaki UK’s Virtual Showroom

Are you looking for a convenient and innovative way to explore Hoshizaki UK's range of commercial refrigeration and ice-making equipment? Look no further than our newly launched virtual showroom! Accessible from your computer or tablet, the virtual showroom offers an immersive and interactive environment for visitors to browse through our wide range of products. With...

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24 March 2023| News, Sustainability
Charlie’s Angels Kitchens to save the planet one community at a time

Community Interest Company and pop-up café, Charlie’s Angels Kitchens, has recently been awarded a grant by Tunbridge Wells BC as they battle to combat food wastage and provide ethical eats for the conscious consumer through the use of surplus ingredients. In response to the cost of living crisis, Charlie’s Angels Kitchens have been given the...

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10 March 2023| News
If food waste were a country

If food waste were a country, this country would be about the size of Canada and India combined. And it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the US. Both low- and high-income countries as well as all parts of the supply chain are guilty of throwing away huge amounts of food that...

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22 February 2023| News
Hoshizaki’s Small Addition with a Big Impact

Global refrigeration expert, Hoshizaki, is excited to unveil their improved range of Compact refrigeration units. Aptly named, the Compact benefits from one of the smallest footprints of any commercial refrigerator, making it an ideal choice for small kitchens that don’t require heavy duty gastronorm refrigeration. The undercounter models have been designed with commercial counter height...

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14 February 2023| News
Love is in the Air with a Dr Feelgood!

The language of love is no better translated than with a Valentine’s Day cocktail courtesy of Adam McLellan, Head Bartender of Jam Jar, Paisley.  In addition to his work at Jam Jar, Adam is the regional chair for UKBG in Scotland and is an adviser to a number of spirit brands. Here Adam tells us...

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