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Four Cocktails by award-winning Jenner Cormier (Bar Kismet)

Bartender and Co-Owner, Jenner Cormier of Bar Kismet, shares his award-winning bartending techniques and cocktail recipes using Hoshizaki ice ( Film by Alex Mitchell of

New York Sour

In stainless steel shaker add fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, spruce tip amaro, bonded American whiskey, a bit of egg whites, shake with sphere ice in order to whip it. Add 1 x 1 cubed ice into the shaker – give a hard shake. Stir 1 x 1 cubed ice in a rocks glass, then strain cocktail over ice, and top with dry Lambrusco.

Rich Kind of Poverty

Stir mixer glass with sphere ice, blood orange, Peychaud’s bitters, absinthe, silver tequila fused with fennel pollen, bitters aperitif, Quinquina aromatized wine, stir the mixture. Strain into a Nick and Nora glass. Express some green pomelo oils over the surface and garnish glass with peel.

Mount Crushmore (non-alcoholic)

In stainless-steel shaker add fresh lemon juice, blood orange cordial, baking spices hydrosol, place a scoop of 1 x 1 cubed ice into the shaker. Shake then strain into the other shaker cup, then top with a cold brew pomegranate & rosehip tea – force carbonated. Pour over cubelet, nugget-style ice, in a glass goblet. Garnish with lime zest, ouzo brittle, and a straw.

Fever for the Flavour

In a short stainless-steel shaker cup add fresh lemon juice, fresh mango juice, French amaro, manzanilla sherry. Add 1” square cubes to a tall shaker cup, then roll mixture from short shaker to a tall iced shaker cup. Strain over 4 sphere ice balls in a Collins glass and top with soda water. A quick stir, garnish with a sprig of mint, and straw.

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Hoshizaki ice types and ice machines used in the video:

Ball Ice Maker

L Cube Ice Maker

• Cubelet Ice Maker– Chewable Nuggets