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Investing in high-quality kitchen equipment is key! Here’s why!

Commercial kitchen equipment is the heart of any restaurant or bar. It is the vital organ that will dictate how well the rest of the processes operate and also they will have a huge influence on the customer experience.

Whether it is the consistency of the drinks or the speed the chefs can work at. High quality products and clever design can have a major impact on many factors. But of course, this equipment can be pricey, so it might seem tempting to sacrifice quality for cutting down the price. But how will this affect your efficiency and your business in the long run?

Here at Hoshizaki, we believe that any great kitchen needs to invest in high-quality equipment. Here are 6 reasons why!

1. Good quality lasts

Ever heard of the saying “Investing now is saving later”, well that is exactly what happens when you invest in high-quality kitchen equipment. When you make that initial investment you are guaranteeing yourself appliances that are in it for the long haul. Such as cleverly designed items that create easy access for maintenance but also need to be maintained less. Or high-quality components that will keep up with the daily wear and tear. So it might seem like quite a chunk of cash to start off with but in the end, you will save yourself costs in maintenance, upkeep, and replacements.

Especially here at Hoshizaki, we have always made the equipment with the kitchen in mind. For example, the drain pumps on our ice cube machines. Through clever design, installation and maintenance become super easy. Another big advantage to this system is the automatic risk management system that minimizes health and safety risks, such as clogged drains and standing water. Which over time with other systems could cause serious implications for your cheaper equipment.

drain pump hoshizaki

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2. It is reliable

Just like you need to be able to rely on your staff, you also need to be able to rely on your equipment. As we mentioned in point one your equipment needs to be able to perform and deal with the wear and tear of daily operations. High-quality equipment is built to be reliable and durable. From the materials that are used to the clever design features to ensure you don’t get any unexpected malfunctions. Our ice cube machines for example have smart design extras such as a water pump without direct coupling. This will improve the life expectancy of a machine because it prevents any leakage from the water circuit.

3. Consistent quality

Another benefit of high-quality equipment is that they also produce consistent quality products. Want perfectly poured beers every single time? Our BeerMatic does this at the touch of a button. Want to ensure every rice grain is cooked into perfect sushi rice? Our rice cookers guarantee this. Want the best ice cubes that are always a consistent shape, size, and density? Our ice machines will do this in large volumes. And this consistent quality makes sure you can rely on the food and drink items you are producing but also guarantees the quality your customers will consume.

4. Taste the difference

Great appliances produce great end results. With cheaper equipment, you will not find all the smart design features which are there to improve the quality of the items you produce. This can lead to cracked ice and diluted drinks, burnt rice, and overly foamy beers. When you choose intelligent features you are also choosing to ensure the best taste and experience for your customers.

5. Cuts the costs and environmental impact

Top-notch kitchen equipment is often designed in such a way that it performs better with less. This is definitely the case with all of Hoshizaki’s refrigeration options but in particular our new Advance series that has good energy ratings and uses an R290 eco-friendly refrigerant, which contributes to lower running costs and environmental impact.

Hoshizaki Advance refrigeration series

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6. Better experience for you and your customers

When processes run smoothly your staff don’t have to waste unnecessary time. And of course, this directly translates back to your customers’ experiences. The BeerMatic for example will make the beers while your bartender finishes the rest of the drinks on the order so that a table doesn’t have to wait long till they get their refreshments and they can get their drinks at the same time. Also, our rice warmers will preserve rice for longer periods without ever jeopardizing the quality and taste of the rice, allowing everyone to have great-tasting sushi no matter what time they come into the restaurant.

So there you have it. Don’t waste your time or money on cheap equipment just because it seems like the affordable option right now. In the long run that low-quality equipment can mean more costs, cutting on the quality you produce, and creating challenges in your efficiency when for example a machine breaks down on a busy day in the restaurant.

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