Hoshizaki launches mobile, self-serve ‘Beer Station’

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Hoshizaki launches mobile, self-serve ‘Beer Station’

Hoshizaki is delighted to announce the launch of a mobile, self-serve ‘Beer Station’ which has been developed in conjunction with Victor Manufacturing. The innovative ‘Beer Station’ incorporates Hoshizaki’s new automatic beer dispenser – the BeerMatic Dual Tap DBF-AS65WE – which automatically pours the perfect pint at the push of a button, after payment has been made through an inbuilt system. The unit also includes storage space for a beer keg, CO₂ cylinder and glasses, all in one secure, self-contained mobile unit.

Constructed from durable 430 grade stainless steel, the powder coated Beer Station is clad with inset stainless steel panels which can have either a vinyl wrap on the outer face or a magnetic wrap which will allow for the branding or theme to be changed periodically. Lockable hinged doors allow access for servicing of the BeerMatic Dual Tap at the rear of the unit, and for changing empty beer kegs at the lower front of the ‘Beer Station’. As the BeerMatic Dual Tap beer dispenser has an internal chilling system you simply have to connect directly to a standard keg kept at room temperature, so even businesses with limited facilities are able to add freshly poured, chilled pints to their menus. Lockable casters make the Beer Station easy to move and secure once it is in position.

As Simon Frost, Director UK & Ireland, Hoshizaki UK explains: We have already received significant interest in the mobile, self-serve ‘Beer Station’ from a wide variety of operators including professional sports clubs and leisure venues who recognise the convenience and staff cost savings this innovative solution offers.

“The ‘Beer Station’ can incorporate a variety of payment systems including Contactless, ApplePay or Credit Cards and couldn’t be easier for customers to use – they simply pay for their drink, place their glass in the holder and press a button. Then a perfectly poured pint or half pint is ready in just 15 seconds.”

Reflecting on the project to develop the Beer Station with Hoshizaki, Steven McGarvie, UK Sales & Marketing Director, Victor Manufacturing said: “Our industry has had to adapt to changes over the past year. One of the positive things I have seen develop is the unity and willingness of likeminded manufactures to work together on projects where both companies strengths can be fully utilised. With a little team work, we quickly realised that wonderful things can be achieved through collaboration, as is the case with our partnership with Hoshizaki on the Beer Station concept.”

For more information on the Beer Station or the BeerMatic Dual Tap, please email hayley.weal@hoshizaki.uk.