Hoshizaki celebrates International #SushiDay

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Hoshizaki celebrates International #SushiDay

Sushi is fast becoming a firm favourite with UK consumers, both on-the-go and out of home. But with so many sushi restaurants now open in the UK, how can restaurants make their sushi stand out from the crowd? Ahead of International #SushiDay on June 18th, we reveal how a Hoshizaki Sushi Display Case can improve food quality and create attention!

The saying we eat with our eyes is certainly true when it comes to sushi, especially given the intricate and colourful form of sushi which is made with care and skill. But what good is a beautiful and delicious piece of sushi if it’s not displayed in all its glory?

It is therefore important that operators invest in the right display, one that will allow a restaurant to consistently tempt customers into making purchases whilst also ensuring the menu items stay at a food safe temperature.

As a world leader in refrigeration and ice machine manufacturer, Hoshizaki has a comprehensive range of refrigerated display solutions perfect for sushi restaurants, supermarkets with a sushi concession, or multi-cuisine venues.

So what makes our Sushi Display cases a must-have for restaurants with a sushi offering?

The Hoshizaki line of Sushi display cases combine innovative features with a modern and elegant design, and are configured to highlight and preserve the freshness of even the most delicate fresh fish, meat and perishable products. The eye-catching rounded glass window makes an attractive display for fresh ingredients and comes with anti-scattering film for glass splinter protection. The range is designed to maintain the most natural level of humidity and food-safe temperatures, even during peak serving times with frequent door openings. The smooth and diffused airflow works without any forced air circulation. This method creates ideal conditions avoiding unpleasant dehydration and weight loss of the stored goods.

But don’t just take our word for it…Cristoforo Santini, Manager at Japanese fine dining restaurant Matsuri in London, is a big fan of Hoshizaki sushi cases, enthusing: “I believe the first sushi case we had lasted for 10 or 12 years and was replaced with one of the pair we’re using now. Hoshizaki equipment really is built to last and the Sushi cases have certainly attracted customers!”

Many sushi restaurants will also be in the market for a rice cooker, particularly if sushi is made fresh on-site. The texture of the rice used in sushi is arguably as important as the texture of the fish, hence why using a quality rice and quality rice cooker is essential. With our range of automatic rice cookers, chefs can rest assured each grain of rice will be cooked to perfection.

Also capable of producing up to 40 cups of rice per session and safely keeping cooked rice warm for 12 hours, Hoshizaki rice cookers are suitable for even the busiest of sushi outlets.

To view our sushi display case range, visit https://hoshizaki-europe.com/product-category/specialty/sushi_cases/ and to view our rice cooker range, visit https://hoshizaki-europe.com/product-category/specialty/rice_cookers/

For more information on appliances in the Hoshizaki portfolio, please call 01322 616 900.