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Making sure your sushi ingredients stay fresh and flavoursome, here is how:

Sushi is one of the most prestigious food items in the world. In most cases it takes many years of training to become a skilled sushi chef. With the aim of creating the best tasting and best presented small dishes.

So it is a given that the equipment that these chefs and restaurants use needs to keep up to the standard of the dishes being prepared. But also keep up with the expert chefs that are preparing the sushi. Not only guaranteeing an efficient process but also the quality of the dish as it is being served.

So here are 5 reason why Hoshizaki sushi equipment can support and improve any sushi kitchen:

1. Simplified rice cooking

One of the important ingredients when it comes to sushi is the rice. Making sure every rice grain is cooked to perfection is not only nice, it is a must. Having a high quality rice cooker guarantees this perfect cooking, while making the process simple. It has the capacity of 40 cups of cooked rice, with the ability to keep the rice warm for 12 hours.

2. Well-preserved cooked rice

The high quality thermal insulation in the rice cookers and rice warmers keeps the rice warm for up to 12 hours. Also the thermal warmers are able to preserve the rice for up to 6 hours at serving temperature without using electricity. All while keeping the just-cooked taste and freshness. Any excess moisture is absorbed in the dew collector which is installed on the inner surface of the lid. This prevents the rice from becoming sticky. Which is ideal to make sure your freshly cooked rice stays fresh and usable throughout the day.

3. Clever design

All of the range is designed with you in mind. The rice cookers and warmers are made from stainless steel allowing easy cleaning. As well as having a unique stackable design which allows for efficient storage handling.

4. Presentation with functionality

Showcasing fresh food can be a concern, because if this is not done correctly food can become dehydrated, lose its taste and become unsafe to eat. But the HNC-range Sashimi showcases include a modern and elegant design that is built to showcase delicate food such as sashimi and keep the freshness of the products. This is done through smart engineering and temperature control. The showcases are built to assure the most natural level of humidity and food-safe temperature. Allowing your chefs to showcase their sushi items, while keeping their mouth watering flavours.

5. Making the work easier without losing the quality

The intelligent technology in the cooking, warming and display equipment is created in such a way that the work is made easier without losing the quality of the dish. Which means chefs have a functional helping hand and the end consumer still can expect the brilliant taste of fresh sushi.

When dishes can be so fragile it is important to make sure you can keep the flavours and state of the food fresh and delicious. So why take any chances?