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Cocktails in Movies: The Great Gatsby

Cocktails rightly take pride of place in many movies and can become as iconic as the characters themselves. With our “Cocktail in Movies” blog series, we are taking a close look at our favourite movie-featured cocktails, and confirm, what we all already knew. Cocktails are more than just liquids mixed together, but a culinary art form. In movies, they often take up a significant role. They often help build the character and create a point of identification for the viewer. This is why we will now put the spotlight on the most iconic cocktails featured in movie history.

The Classic Mint Julep in ``The Great Gatsby``

Baz Luhrman’s 2013 The Great Gatsby pays homage to the heat and torpor of the original F Scott Fitzgerald novel, and the refreshing Mint Julep plays a big part in this. In the middle of an argument on a heated trip to Manhattan, Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) – Gatsby’s love interest – claims to desire nothing more than “a place to have a Mint Julep.” A drink made for a hot day, the Mint Julep must be served very cold.

Revisiting the official trailer...

Re-visiting the official trailer of the “Great Gatsby” and being intrigued by the sheer abundance of drinks coming your way, makes it difficult to believe that all the booze is NOT the main story driver. However, the film is a great reminder of the impact of cocktails and mixology on our culture back then…and today.

What you'll need...

  • Bourbon
  • Mint
  • Sugar syrup
  • Nugget or Cubelet Ice

How to make: For detailed amounts and instructions, check out the recipe on, one of the most comprehensive information resources for mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts worldwide.

Cubelet or Nugget Ice ?

What is the difference between Cubelet and Nugget Ice? Good question, these ice types are very similar! Both are granular ice types, and both are popular for chilling drinks very quickly to the desired temperature. In cocktails, the dry and hard ice nuggets are the ideal cooling agent, as they deliver just the right amount of dilution, especially for strong-spirited drinks, for example, Mojitos and Tiki Cocktails. Cubelet Ice is larger and more chewable than traditional nugget ice. It absorbs liquids and flavours readily and performs with great drink displacement. Because of its versatility and exceptional purity, Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice is very popular in restaurants, healthcare, convenience store, and offices.

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The roaring spirit of the 1920…An ode to Drinks.

What a decade for cocktails! And “The Great Gatsby” takes you on a journey to get a glimpse of the 20’s zeitgeist, displaying a row of iconic drinks. Want to dive into the most iconic cocktail creations of that time? Check out this list compiled by Eonline with 10 roaring cocktails.