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Multitasking is one of the key skills of every bartender: taking orders, preparing cocktails and other drinks, processing payments, and keeping the workspace clean while giving all guests full attention and maintaining a positive atmosphere. The BEERMATIC DUAL TAP is a fully automatic draft beer dispenser with a foaming mechanism.

The hands-free portion control allows a preset quantity of chilled draft beer and foam to be served – always at the perfect temperature and with just the right amount of foam. Beer after beer after beer.


Did you know that up to 15% of beer is wasted during the pouring process? The BeerMatic is a fully automated beer tap that saves you beer, time and money. Find out exactly what the BeerMatic can do for you!

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Let's explore how it works!

Watch the BeerMatic Dualtap animation video!

1. Press once to dispense

It’s as simple as that. Press the dispense button once to draft the preset amount of beer.

2. Tilt-pouring

The dispense operation is tilting the glass to the right angle to ensure perfectly poured beer.

3. Portion control

The portion size can be preset to pour the same quantity every time. No overflow of beer or foam.

4. Foam control

The amount of foam can be set and adjusted for both taps individually.

5. Internal cooling system

Ambient temperature beer is cooled down as it flows through the beer circuits.

6. Two beer circuits

This dual-tap model has two circuits, so two different types of beer can be connected and poured simultaneously.

7. Counting/Log Function

The display shows the number of beers poured. Via the user settings, you can configure the number of beers, based on the volume of your glasses.

8. Automatic or manual

It is a simple process to switch from automatic to manual dispense mode or vice versa via the operation panel.

9. Empty-Keg-Alert

A “SOLD OUT” lamp lights up in the control panel as soon as there is less than 0.5 l left in the beer circuit.

All the benefits in a nutshell!

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Consistently high quality beer

The beer-to-head ratio can be adjusted to different types of beer or to to meet local preferences. The system has the dispensing capacity of 65 liters, which means it can pour 130 perfectly chilled beers (0.5 l) consecutively. An internal cooling system chills down the beer on its way from the keg through the machine, so that the draft beer can be served directly from ambient temperature kegs.

Increase revenue

Until the beer is poured, no additional attention is required. This opens time windows, for example, to process payments, prepare orders, or to clean up. These saved seconds seem marginal, but in serving large amounts of people, automated work- sharing becomes a measure for efficient crowd serving.


The BEERMATIC is a great tool for cost control. Portions can be controlled very accurately, without spillage of beer and/or foam. Waste of draft beer is generally estimated to be as high as 20% per keg.(1) The internal refrigeration system allows you to store all your kegs at ambient temperature which saves you energy costs and additional costs for a cold room or fridge.

hygiene and food safety

Accurate portioning avoids spillage entirely, no cutting/skimming needed, and the workspace remains clean at all times. The dispenser’s compartmentalized design is engineered to avoid contamination and to simplify cleaning routines. With this system, you can reduce the glass-to-person contact points and maintain the highest standards of food safety, hygiene, and sanitization.

easy to fit in & install

The BEERMATIC is a space-saving device, as no additional refrigerator for the beer keg is needed. With its compact design and small foot print, this countertop dispenser fits into multiple environments. It can also be easily transported and installed for pop-up events and outdoor venues.


Offering great flexibility, the dual tap allows you to connect two separate kegs with different types of beer at a time. Additionally, the automatic tilting unit is compatible with all common glass sizes. As the compact dispenser can be transported and installed easily, and because it doesn’t require additional cooling, it is a great option for outdoor/ temporary events.

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