April 2022

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Hoshizaki makes donation for Ukraine to Red Cross Poland and Peace Winds Japan

As a reaction to the current conflict in Ukraine, and the resulting humanitarian crisis, affecting 4.2 Mio Ukrainians, Hoshizaki, as a group will make a donation to Red Cross Poland...

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Nothing beats a great ice maker, here is why

The everyday hustle in a food business can be demanding, that’s why it’s important to have equipment that can keep up with the work. The last thing your barman needs...

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This is why the BEERMATIC will help you tap the perfect beer!

Honestly, if you must possess one quality as a bartender, it is multitasking. Taking orders, preparing cocktails, drinks, processing payments, the list goes on. And that preferably all at once....

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Hoshizaki boosts its spare parts supply chain with new distribution center

Hoshizaki Europe announced today the opening of its new spare part distribution center for the European markets The new distribution center for spare parts orders throughout Europe is an integral...

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